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James Galletly Built This Tiny House Entirely from Recycled Material

It is only two by two-and-a-half metres and made entirely from recycled material, but James Galletly is hopeful that someone will call his tiny project home.The multi-purpose space – which features a single bed, a desk and storage shelves, all of which fold neatly away – was inspired by the growing tiny house movement in the United States which is slowly gaining momentum across Australia.” – Mail Online

via Meet the carpenter who claims Australians should start buying his two-and-a-half metre homes


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Where Do I Even Start With a Tiny House!?


Where Do I Even Start With a Tiny House!?

So you think ‘tiny’ is for you?  Now where to begin!?!

I get the question very often ‘where do I possibly begin with this tiny house dream?’ or ‘I have no experienced builders in my life, can I still go tiny?’ or other variations of the same thing.  Here is my suggested order of operations and some links to important resources.

Step 1– Decide if you could do it, actually LIVE in that small of a…

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Hanging Bedroom Micro Apartment - ECDM Architects - Paris, France 

ECDM Architects created this unique design for a micro apartment in the heart of Paris, France. The modern  design makes the bedroom the focal point of the home. What is normally deter minted to be a private area, become open, and shared with the other spaces. The living room; separated by the floating bedroom reverses the atmosphere by making private what is usually not.

-Tomas Possenti


Hanging Bedroom!

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